Spamming and Haste Can Kill Your SEO

Getting high ranking in SERP is something every business dreams of when it hears about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, this dream, although realized sometimes, is shattered when search engines update their algorithmic procedures. Over the past few years, SEO has evolved a lot and search engines such as Google and others have made it clear time and again, that spamming will not be tolerated. However, that does not stop SEO service companies from finding a way to beat the system. SEO companies are always on a lookout for loopholes in Google’s update, which is a good method to find a faster way to promote their websites. However, the question you should ask from yourself is, will this last?

With Google’s Panda update, Google made it very clear that spamming will not be tolerated, but then again, people find a way to beat the system and have started using automated programs that are giving results. However, SEO companies are not to blame for this entirely, because only unreliable SEO companies have started to find such methods on their own, whereas the reliable SEO companies are also pressurized by their clients to find methods to promote their websites quickly. If you are a client, who has been unsatisfied with the results of what your hired SEO Company has been giving you so far, then you should take a step back and try to figure out how much you are to be blamed for this.

As a client, you must try to understand that proper SEO practices take a minimum of three months to show any kind of results. So, if you are in a haste of getting customers to your website, try PPC – do not ride on your SEO company to give you immediate results, although it is not a problem for them to do so, but eventually your website will face Google’s policies (when it updates again) and I assure you, you will not like the outcome.

The best thing to do is to have patience when it comes to SEO. Hire a reliable and professional SEO company that offers white hat SEO practices, not some SEO tricks to boost your rankings over night because tricks have serious consequences when it comes to SEO.

When you ask your SEO company to boost your rankings by leaps and bounds, they will use, which in other words are known as spamming methods, for example, getting hundreds of back links for your website. As Google indexes these links, you will see results, but when Google will judge these links on quality parameters, the result will become quiet opposite of what you were expecting.

What is to be done now? Hire a reliable SEO company that only uses Google approved SEO practices to achieve higher rankings in SERP and ensure that only white hat practices are being used by the SEO Company you have hired. Never, and I say again, never trust a company that promises you quick results, because those days are long gone when black hat tricks went unnoticed.

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